Here we are in 2013 and ready to start our businesses with new energy! Adding a video to promote your business can be one of the best marketing ideas. Here’s why

  • In a recent survey 46% said they’d look up details about a new brand or product after seeing an    online video (Source:BtoBonline)
  • When it comes to decision makers 59% of senior executives reportedly prefer watchingonline video over reading text (Source: We Capture)
  • Online video consumption by an average internet user is expected to grow by 40% in 2013 (Source: MediaPost)video-marketing-1-2-31-150x150

Top 5 ways to use web videos for your business in 2013!

Customer Testimonials

Nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing your customers rave about your product or service. It not only adds credibility but makes a strong sales pitch too!

Business Profile Video

Explain everything you want to tell about your business to the world! Talk about the history, the team, the vision and loudly spell out the value you bring to your customers. A fun and an effectiv way to get your message across in minutes

Product/Service demo

Show how your product or service works so your customers get a clear understanding of what you are selling. Highlight the features that differentiate you from your competition

Promotion Videos
These are web commercials to get those eye balls to promote your idea, concept, product or service

  Customer Education/Training Videos

Create short videos on customer FAQs, post-sales support, maintenance queries which can save dollars and time for you and make your customers happy as they find instant answers. If you do a lot of training in your company then training videos can be a cost effective substitute for in-class training with the surety your training message is the same every time!

 Blog by: Neha Gupta, Creative Director, BizVoice Productions

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