10 seconds. 5 minutes. 16%. Without context, these are random, meaningless numbers—but they actually play important roles in understanding the effectiveness of your videos.

For instance, did you know that you usually only have 10 seconds to captivate your audience before their patience wears thin? And the longer the video runs, the more likely you are to lose your audience’s interest. But not all hope is lost, because that statistic applies more to desktop video viewers than anything else. Mobile users seem to be much more patient and will stick around for longer—specifically, iPhone users will give it 2.4 minutes, Android users for 3 minutes, Symbian users for 4 minutes, and iPad users for 5 minutes (probably because of the larger screen size).

Interestingly enough, the old adage about how “timing is everything” applies to video marketing, too. It would do you well to embed and share your video on Tuesdays, sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM. According to Sysomos, that’s the peak time for embedding content from YouTube.

We’ll throw in one last statistic that we feel is particularly helpful. The Jun Group (2011) did a study which indicated that videos that are 15 seconds or less have a tendency to be 37% more viral than longer ones (30 seconds to a minute). Apparently, brevity is the soul of wit and video marketing!

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